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Bibbi’s Spells, a new furry porn game!


There is a new furry hentai game out, created by Vanja, for Ero-Mania. It’s called Bibbi’s Spells, and it is a sequel to the game Bibbi’s Curse. Personally, I’ve played both of them, and while I liked Bibbi’s Curse, I must say I liked Bibbi’s Spells a lot more! In fact it is my favorite furry porn game so far! 😀

bibbisspells11 bibbisspells01

bibbisspells05 bibbisspells06

bibbisspells07 bibbisspells13

The game play is very different from the first Bibbi game. While the first one was a typical platformer, this one is more a mix of a platformer with puzzle elements in it, and much, much more sex and animations. You are mixing spells from a menu, and get different results. Your goal is to get five of the spells (Breast Expansion, Dicknipples, Pregnancy, Bondage and Dickgirl – none of these are shown in the preview pictures here.)

I have played it several times and really enjoyed it, it is not a game you’ll be able to defeat on the first try. There’s many interesting spell mixes, from the giant lactating tits and giant cock shooting a big load of sperm (shown in two of the pics over), as well as egglaying, tentacles, and my favorite: the trickster demon animation. There’s 22 different spell results. If you get the five spells she wants it will also unlock a gallery where you can view all the animations without playing the game to get them.

All in all, the best furry hentai game surprise for me so far! 😀

Full game can be played on Ero-Mania, and there is a preview page over at the artist’s website at



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