Yaoi furry hentai game

Here I have a yaoi furry hentai game. For those of you who don’t know what yaoi is, it is male x male porn. So if you don’t like that stuff, this game is not something for you.

The title of the game is “Tail Underground”, and the artist is Ian R. Soulfox.

Click the link below to go to this yaoi furry hentai game:


Bibbi’s Curse, a furry hentai game starring a sexy bunny!

Sometimes, the furry hentai games genre gets some real gems. Bibbi’s Curse is one of those. It’s a platform style game featuring a sexy bunny girl with bouncy tits who needs to lift a gruesome curse cast upon her, and on her adventure she either kills or fucks her enemies. Nice!


The game has nice levels, great art, and a nice story with even some romance in it. Full game can be played on Ero-Mania, and it’s well worth it, and you’ll also support a talented artist.

There is also a FREE DEMO VERSION available at the artist’s website, over at www.vanjas-world.com. (I’d recommend you spare some bucks and support the artist instead.)

Adult furry porn games at Vixine

Vixine is a furry porn site that’s got several games for you to enjoy. They have a furry porn RPG in development, as well as a fighting game, poker and black jack card games, and puzzles.

Head over to enjoy their furry hentai games ^_^


Welcome to Furry Hentai Games!

Welcome, everyone, to my new blog Furry Hentai Games! ^^

I created this blog to inform you all of any furry porn/furry hentai games. After all, they are pretty rare, but still, some do exist. I hope you will enjoy this blog, I’ll try to keep it updated whenever I find any news on furry porn games!