Bibbi’s Curse, a furry hentai game starring a sexy bunny!

Sometimes, the furry hentai games genre gets some real gems. Bibbi’s Curse is one of those. It’s a platform style game featuring a sexy bunny girl with bouncy tits who needs to lift a gruesome curse cast upon her, and on her adventure she either kills or fucks her enemies. Nice!


The game has nice levels, great art, and a nice story with even some romance in it. Full game can be played on Ero-Mania, and it’s well worth it, and you’ll also support a talented artist.

There is also a FREE DEMO VERSION available at the artist’s website, over at (I’d recommend you spare some bucks and support the artist instead.)

Adult furry porn games at Vixine

Vixine is a furry porn site that’s got several games for you to enjoy. They have a furry porn RPG in development, as well as a fighting game, poker and black jack card games, and puzzles.

Head over to enjoy their furry hentai games ^_^


Welcome to Furry Hentai Games!

Welcome, everyone, to my new blog Furry Hentai Games! ^^

I created this blog to inform you all of any furry porn/furry hentai games. After all, they are pretty rare, but still, some do exist. I hope you will enjoy this blog, I’ll try to keep it updated whenever I find any news on furry porn games!



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